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Things to Consider When Selecting a Domain Name for Your Website

Monday, September 4th, 2017

Selecting a domain name is crucial for branding your site online. You need to perform in depth research to choose an effective domain name. The domain name is your business’s identity online. In this article, we will discuss things to consider when selecting a domain name for your website.

The domain name should resemble your business name

If you make the domain name resemble your website, it becomes easy for your audience to remember and find it online. This is because, even if a visitor forgets your domain name, they can access your web page searching for it with your website. When people find it easy to remember your website, it becomes easy to promote your website through word of mouth. It also helps your business website in boosting search engine rankings because your domain name contains popular keywords used in search engines’ results.

Should be unique

Avoid choosing a domain name that’s similar to an already existing one. Choosing such a name could lead to needless confusion and annoyance among your audience. It is also likely to redirect your traffic to a site other than yours.

Avoid using characters, digits, hyphens

Ensure not to include symbols (hyphens, etc.), digits, characters, etc. in your domain name. Such elements may make it difficult for your audience to remember the domain name or may lead to confusion. Assume a business’s website is This can always be much simpler than,, or Thus, by keeping it simple, you avoid the domain name being misinterpreted.

Use words (in the domain name) that are easy to type and remember

Make sure that the domain name has simple and easy words. Thus, if the name of your business is long, you could use the shortened name. For example, you could take the domain name for This will make it easy for visitors to remember the domain name and to type it in search places in search engines or anywhere else when searching on the Internet.

The name should not be lengthy

Ensure the domain name you choose is short. It is a good idea to limit the number of characters in the domain name to 5 to 15. This makes it easy for your audience to type and remember.

Choose a name that is simple and straightforward. This will help your audience avoid errors while typing the name.

Avoid using tricky names

Make sure to use original words. For example, if you use 2 for to, ur for your, etc. in your domain name, it may lead your visitors to wrong web pages or nowhere, which may negatively affect your business.

Another important point is your domain name should indicate clearly what your audience is likely to get from the website. For example, assume your domain name is and your business is in designing and developing websites for small businesses, the name shows the job of your business. On the other hand, if you have the name as, the name might not be convincing to your audience who are looking for website designing/development.

Copyright issues

You might have thought of a domain name that belongs to a large business. However, you should be aware that choosing such a name, one that has been in use by another business/company/individual/people may result in copyright violation. Therefore, it’s logical to check before you adopt the domain name so that you avoid the trouble in future.

Make it discoverable through your branding in name

A discoverable domain name is one that your audience is likely to use when they do not know your domain name when searching on the Internet for your products/services.

A brand name makes your business distinct from other businesses in the niche and makes it easy to attract your audience. Therefore, ensure your domain name is easily discoverable so that it becomes easy to promote your domain name.

Use country specific TLD for local targeting

Having a country specific TLD helps attract traffic from the specific areas of the globe. Therefore, it’s helpful for your business if you are targeting the audience of a specific geographical location.

How it works?

Search engines segregate the search results according to the locality of the user (as per the IP address of the user).

To conclude, when choosing a domain name for your website, ensure to check if the domain name you are opting is helpful in establishing your business as a good brand/website online.

Understanding Web Hosting for Novices

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Having a website is different from having it online. You can create a website and access it via a browser on your computer. But for others to access the same website, it needs to be on an online server. Simply put, web hosting is making sure websites are kept on the Web so that they are available to Internet users across the globe.

The definition of web hosting has become broader over time with web hosting companies offering multiple features such as providing the web space, email hosting, programming, web designing services, etc.

What is a web server?

A web server is a physical computer with software applications where a website and its database are stored and processed. When a visitor requests for your website on a web browser, the server is responsible for taking the request and providing them your website. Broadly speaking, a web server is a fast and efficient computer connected to the Internet round the clock and is capable of handling high traffic and load.

Web host

A web host is a company that owns a web server. It rents or sells the web server space to its clients. Your website is hosted on these web servers – making it available to Internet users. A Web host can have anywhere from one to several thousand computers that run web hosting software. A web host also manages its software, security, support, bandwidth, speed and a lot more.

Things to consider while planning for web hosting

Before you choose a service, estimate your present and potential hosting needs that may arise in future. Some factors you should consider while going for web hosting are listed here.

Types of servers:

Web hosting companies generally offer three different types of servers – shared, dedicated and VPS (Virtual Private Server). Multiple websites share common hardware and resources in a shared server and thus it is economical. This is ideal for personal or small business websites. Using a shared server is hassle-free as the maintenance and security issues are taken care of by the web host.

A VPS is recommended for businesses that look for more customized options in the server. Though the hardware is the same shared by multiple websites, site owners have independent control over the part of the server and the associated features. They can program their server section as per their wish and hence the data are protected.

A dedicated server is generally opted by businesses (often big businesses) that look for top quality resources. The owner has full control over the server but may require technical skills to manage a dedicated web server.

Types of operating system:

Windows and Linux are widely used by web servers. Each has advantages and limitations. If you have technical skills and if you are looking for something inexpensive, Linux based servers can be a good choice. A Windows based server is more suitable for you if you want an easy-to-use interface.


Uptime refers to the time span for which a server stays connected online. It’s generally rated in percentage. The resources on the server can be accessed from anywhere in the world during the uptime. The time span when the server is not responding in the expected way is the downtime. A web hosting service with a high uptime percentage is a better one.


Bandwidth refers to the maximum traffic a server can handle for the website or the web space owned. High bandwidth means more number of people can access the website simultaneously and conveniently with good speed. A website with high traffic and heavy resources is recommended to go for unlimited bandwidth or at least for a good bandwidth.

Disk space:

Disk space is the amount of space you need on the server for keeping your website, database and files on the server. Disk space should be considered always much more than sufficient so as to accommodate the increasing needs of the business.

Server location:

Locating your server in the same country or state where your business operates comes with some benefits.

Search engines like Google find the physical location of your country’s website using the IP address and the domain name. Search engines give more priority to websites that originate from that particular country. If your website is hosted in Canada, you have better chances of ranking in

Customer service and grievance handling:

Customer service has to be a very important consideration before you opt for a choice. A good problem addressing leads to fewer downtimes and more service hours. Online reviews and feedback through existing customers is of great help in this.

BBB rating:

The ratings and certifications from credible organizations like BBB (Better Business Bureau) are helpful in determining the quality of the services of the web host. A+ is the highest rating given by BBB. A web hosting company with A+ BBB rating would be a good choice.

In addition, you should consider the reliability of the service. You can consider schemes like 30 day money back guarantee while going for a web hosting service. This will help you in terminating the services if you are not satisfied with the performance of the host.

Why Some People Prefer Canadian Web Hosting Over American

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Canadian web hosting tends to be adopted over American web hosting. This alternative is due to the appearance they offer. If and if you are searching for a web host you may wish to analysis out what Canada has to offer. You may be afraid at what you find.

There are abounding altered web hosts that you can attending into. These hosts are accessible to those who reside on the abstemious of North America, or anyone abroad who lives close. Canada offers abounding advantages that you may acquisition added acceptable for you and your business.

StartLogic, BlueHost, and iPowerWeb are the top three web host companies in Canada. The top three web hosts all action absurd hosting, and chump account and support. They aswell action abundant space, and e-mail accounts. The bulk that anniversary aggregation offers for amplitude and bulk of e-mail is different, but they are still great. Anniversary aggregation aswell offers a brace added appearance that you may acquisition accessible to your business. All three of these top companies action their casework for actual reasonable account ante as well.

In accession to these features, Canadian web hosting aswell offers abundant acceleration and reliability. This is actual important if you are searching for a web host. The added reliable the host is, the added reliable your website will be. If the host is down a lot this agency your website will be down a lot as well. If your website is down you will not accept anyone visiting, which is acutely not acceptable for business.

If you are able to use a Canadian web host it is recommended that you analysis them out. You may be afraid at what they can offer. You will of advance charge to analysis out added again one aggregation afore authoritative your switch. You will wish to analyze the companies to see which one will action you what you need. Most of the companies offers are appealing commensurable in what they offer, and in their price.

If you are black with the host you are currently application you will absolutely wish to analysis into a Canadian web host. You may be afraid at what they can action you at such a low account cost. Shopping about is a abundant way to get absolutely what you want, and get a abundant accord as well. Accomplish abiding you get what you charge and want. The bigger you website runs, the added hits you will get.

Make abiding you accomplish a account of things you charge in your web host and get the host that offers what you need, but not a lot of being you don’t need. You don’t wish to end up paying for things you don’t need, or wont use.

Canadian Low Cost Web Hosting

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

It is an absolute actuality that Canada is one of the apple leaders in Internet technology and telecommunications. Back 1999, with awful reliable web server’s set up in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada has become a formidable, low amount web-hosting provider.

Canadians like to do businesses with companies amid aural their own country. Hence if they seek for companies on seek engines, they cover the advantage “search Canadian sites only.” This locates alone those sites whose servers accept a Canadian IP address. Needless to say, these companies accept a bigger adventitious of cartoon Canadian customers. For this reason, some American companies are demography up web hosting casework on Canadian servers in adjustment to accept their sites appearance up in seek results.

Major cities like Toronto and Vancouver are actual abutting to the American border. Americans can calmly locate their web hosting in these cities. This is aswell added amount in agreement of money, as the Canadian dollar is cheaper than the American dollar. One added applied point is that Canada has actual few activity cuts, clashing some of America’s above cities. This agency Canadian servers are up and active about all the time, breeding added business. Canada does not accept in outsourcing services. Most of its technology is indigenous, with a concrete hands-on attendance all the time. If a server break down, aliment and adjustment is reliable and prompt.

Several baby businesses in America are opting for Canadian low amount web hosting. Web hosting in Canada can be free, back it generates revenues from the advertisements it gets. Canadian websites ensure bigger traffic, back both Americans and Canadians admission the websites via the seek engines.

To the lay user, it in fact does not amount abundant area the web server is located; but it makes a abundant aberration to the aggregation aggravating to accomplish business through its website.

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